About Gustin Keser

Gustin International Bronze Sculptor

Gustin is the signature name of the Dutch sculptor, Guus Keser. For over thirty years Gustin has been creating sculptures of all sizes in bronze. Approximately fifteen years ago, he also started producing sculptures in the new materials as polyester, cortensteel and aluminum to meet the requests of his clients.

Throughout these years Gustin was based in Europe and in Canada, depending on his pending contracts for monumental sculptures. In Holland, prior to his sculpting career, Gustin was the founder and creator of a national-wide temporary Help organization known under his own name, Keser Uitzendgroep. At that time this company was visible in all cities in Holland, and it is today known as Adecco. Following this period, Gustin has had the privilege of living and working in Switzerland, France and Belgium, where his creative energies led him to sculpt, develop business projects, develop art schools and sculpture gardens.    

Throughout this life marked by exciting foreign locations and dynamic work challenges, Gustin has had the good fortune of being able to follow his passion for architectural design and sculpting. He has never been without an Atelier where figurative sculptures, monumental sculptures or sculptures floating in water were created.  Gustin is known for his work in the 4th dimension, that of movement.  His sculptures capture the elements of wind and can be seen floating on lakes, canals and swimming pools in captivating colors.  Some float like a boat or turn gently in the forces of nature for all to admire. Life-size sculptures in Aluminum or Cortensteel can also be seen in different international locations in parks or at the entrances to Business locations.  Many private clients have tapped his creativity to have him design their garden in order to include one of his unique sculptures.

Gustin’s Canadian-Dutch wife Trudy, brought him to the magnificent city of Quebec for a visit which left such an overwhelming impression he decided to return with artistic plans to stay. Together they founded an ART-SPA on Ile d’Orléans, an island in front of Quebec City which is an expanse of tranquility, beauty and inspiration. His sculptures brought originality and beauty to the property of 8 acres.

This venture led to exhibitions and a new client base in Quebec and in Toronto. Gustin’s new line of work triggered by the new country Canada is, and the significant high-level businessmen from European roots, is to honor these great contributors to Canadian Life.  His logo is to ‘Inspire the future by honoring the past’, such that work contributions and personal Legacies can be etched in everyone’s’ memory for eternity.  To meet this objective, he has been dedicating his time to the creation of the life-size bronzes of these unique individuals. Bronze Portraits, as well as ‘Relièfs’ are possible.

Gustin brings his own experience as a successful businessman into his atelier and has the enthusiastic and inspirational skills to work with clients of many walks of life and to connect through character-forming Life stories.  

To all people who visit this website, Gustin’s message is: ENJOY. Allow your own vision and imagination to take you to a place bigger than yourself! 


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About Trudy Loucks Keser
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Trudy is an international teacher, licensed holistic therapist and Vitality health Trainer with a background in business, education and health sciences.  Credentials include HeartMath certified Practitioner (2017) & Licensed HeartMath Coach/ Mentor (2014). Trudy is a tri-lingual Canadian, English, French, Dutch and has lived and worked in Holland, France, Switzerland, Belgium & Canada/Quebec & Ontario.